Britain's Brexit Breakup 
by Steve Bloom
Britain’s Brexit Breakup is a video and photography project by Steve Bloom, currently in production. It portrays the fractious divisions in British society that have erupted since the 2016 referendum when voters chose, by a small majority, to leave the European Union. Leaving is a political minefield that has split the nation and spurred a rise in nationalism and populism. Remainers argue that electoral laws were broken, the public were conned and leaving will have disastrous economic and social consequences. Leavers want to cut all obligations to the European Union and face the outcome. The word ‘Brexit’ was invented by Peter Wilding, Chairman of British Influence in 2012. He has since written that Brexit could “sadly be an epitaph for the nation’s decline and fall”.
This short 4 minute teaser film is made up of undirected, spontaneous clips – some sights and sounds captured on the streets of London and the Kent coast. A longer version is in production.

I am a British and European citizen, originally from South Africa, who has lived in the United Kingdom for forty-four years. During the 1970s I photographed conditions people were living in under the apartheid system of racial segregation, resulting in my exile from South Africa. A selection of those images can be seen here. For many years I worked as a wildlife photographer, portraying our fragile and beautiful natural world. I have had fifteen books on wildlife and African cultures published. My giant outdoor exhibition, Spirit of the Wild, has been shown in numerous European cities. More about me and my work at
Spurred by the unprecedented social tensions that Brexit has unleashed, I am now photographing aspects of this phenomenon. It is being done without a budget and with no external affiliation. If you’d like to contribute to this project in any way, through interviews, contacts or footage, please contact me.

Nigel Nott, campaigning in the rain to remain
Effigies of Brexit instigators
Brexit supporter
Steve Bray and fellow 'remain' protesters sheltering from the rain
No-deal leave-supporting protester
Leave and remain, not seeing eye to eye
Westminster Bridge, at a Leave rally
Speaking for the grandparents against Brexit
Photographers outside Parliament take advantage of a puddle
Britain, divided by Brexit
Remainers launch bagpipes attack against the Government
Liar liar, you pants are on fire.
Freddy Vachha, Ukip's London regional chairman
Supporter of far-right Tommy Robinson
Leave rally at Parliament Square
Waiting on Parliament Square to hear Nigel Farage speak
Nigel Farage, former UKIP and now Brexit Party leader
Leave supporters, infiltrated by a remainer with an EU flag
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